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Concrete Footprints: The Permanency of Our Posts

Google; It’s how employers screen job candidates and single men and women find out about their dates prior to meeting them. Like it or not, we live in a digital era where everything and everyone can be googled. Yet despite the fact that everything that is posted, stays posted, the permanency of the digital world […]

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How To Plan Your Amusement Park Trip

Amusement parks attract over 300 million people each year, offering families entertainment, food, games, and (most importantly) an opportunity for quality time together. When considering a trip to a destination like this, it’s best to plan ahead. Before stepping foot somewhere, 71 percent of people visit the business’s website. When it comes to a purchasing […]

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How Families Can Use Technology To Manage Their Household

Managing all aspects of a household can be challenging for busy parents. Meals need planned, groceries need bought, chores need finished, and, above all this, time and money need to be saved. The household stuff that parents need to manage hasn’t changed much over the years. But, the tools sure have. Here are just a […]

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