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5 Tools That Help Children with Literacy

Imagine not being able to read a cookbook, or understand public parking signs. That’s the reality that 32 million adults in the United States face, which is 14 percent of the total population. This group is able to read at or below a third grade level. A shocking statistic for one of the most advanced […]

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Family Fun, Technology

10 of the Best Podcasts For Kids

Podcasts are becoming the next big thing for children and their families. Whether you’re planning your next road trip, or are looking for a new way to entertain your family, look no further. These podcasts are the latest technology sensations that are here to stay. So, get comfortable, plug in your headphones, and get ready […]

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Movies & TV

5 Family-Friendly Movies Perfect for Valentine’s Day 

Grocery stores are packed to the brim with candy assortments and flower arrangements in preparation for Valentine’s Day. If you need a new way to celebrate the special day with your family, look no further! Grab some sweets, get on the couch, and enjoy these V-day movies with the whole family.    Be My Valentine, […]

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Is Social Media Making Us Anti-Social?

Did you interact with a person today? I don’t mean a family member or friend, I mean the Starbucks barista or the guy selling newspapers on the street corner. Did you consciously make an effort to say ‘Hello’ or did you simply bury your head in your phone and walk away.   While some may […]

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Family Fun, Movies & TV

Winter-Themed Movies The Whole Family Will Enjoy

Are you running out of things to do with your family on these dark and wintery evenings? Whether you’re trapped inside for the night or dodging a winter storm, these movies are sure to warm you up and lift your spirits. Some of our favorite winter-themed movies are classics while other will quickly become a […]

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