Ask Frank!


Frank Rumpnoodle is the Junior Assistant Vice Associate Manager of ChoreMonster, whatever that means. We were able to sit down and interview Frank recently and he told you more about himself and even answered questions from your kids. Well, Frank is back and wants you to send him more questions.

This time Frank will be answering them on our blog as a guest writer, so ask your kids to send Frank questions.

You can submit them on our Facebook page, through Twitter, here on the blog or by sending an email to joe at choremonster dot com. You can also ask Frank on Twitter and you might get a quick answer, he loves Twitter questions.

No matter how you decide to submit, we will make sure Frank gets the questions and will have him do his best to answer them all here on the blog very soon.

So what are your questions for Frank?


2 thoughts on “Ask Frank!”

  1. I was wondering if Frank finds it hard looking after SO many monsters?

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