School’s Out, Time To Change Your Chore Routine

It’s that time of the year for many parents. The time when our schedules take a dramatic shift as school lets out for summer break. Many families transition right away into a different schedule, and with that comes a different chore schedule.

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In the past, I’ve written about taking a break from chores when school lets out. I’ve even asked whether the summer should be a break from chores for your kids. And where I’ve landed is in the camp of keeping routines alive, or creating new routines or chore schedules.

Your children already have the benefit of a chore routine. Whether it’s making their bed in the morning, clearing the table after dinner, or picking up their toys after playing. But when they no longer have to get up and get ready for school, some of that routine can get out of whack. Especially in the mornings.

And now they are home for most if not all of the day, rather than just on the weekends. So how can we as parents keep the chore train rolling through the summer months? I think it’s a perfect time to have a family meeting and re-think your chore routines together. Address the fact that summer hours aren’t the same as school day hours, and not only is there a little more expected of the kids, but there are a slew of new rewards available to them as well for keeping the peace.

Even though vacations, overnights, and long evenings playing outside are part of the summer landscape, those beds aren’t gonna make themselves the next morning.

But summer is about flexibility too. So while you’re doing your best to create and keep new routines, don’t forget to allow for the spontaneity of summer to do its thing every now and then.

Do you change your ChoreMonster chore schedules when school lets out? I’d love to know if you do or have considered doing so.


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