Apps To Get Your Kids Through A Long Flight

Every parent has been there. Your child is fussy, hungry, and close to having a meltdown, and despite these circumstances, you have to get on a long flight with them. Luck isn’t enough here.

Thankfully, there are many apps designed for internet-free entertainment. They will help distract little ones, and successfully get everyone through long, cross-country flights (or even tiresome road trips). The holy grail of lists:

Cut the Rope

This is a fun strategy game with bright characters and graphics. Cut the Rope has over 425 levels to ensure hours of continuous gameplay. The levels gradually get harder and harder, and each one more addictive than the last.

Candy Crush Saga

When you think of long travel, puzzle games are sure to come to mind. Candy Crush combines animated, fun graphics with puzzle adventure for all age groups. There are over 2000 levels with tons of mini ‘worlds’ imbedded for added fun. The candy-inspired colors alone are hard to pull away from.

BeBop Blox

This app is for the future little engineer. Kids can challenge themselves to build their own ships and submarines with digital blocks. There are silly characters that sing and play along too. BeBop Blox is simple to navigate  and is at the top of the list for block building puzzle games.

Minecraft Pocket Edition

Nearly every child loves to build. That’s why Minecraft is so undeniably popular and addicting. Explore many worlds and build things like homes and grand castles. There are endless ways to have fun and it will keep your child occupied for hours.

Despicable Me: Minion Rush

With the Despicable Me movies making waves on the big screen, these cute yellow characters are a big hit with kids. Despicable Me: Minion Rush is an endless runner that ties in iconic scenes from the movie. The movie characters are all there too, including Vector, the villain.


Yes, that’s right. Netflix finally allows you to download shows and movies so they can be enjoyed offline. Just make sure you have the latest version on your device and download the shows prior to travelling. Netflix offers a vast library of content, so old and new favorites can be enjoyed for hours without wifi!

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