Announcing ChoreMonster 2.0: More Devices, More Languages, More Features, More Chores!

We’ve brought our monsters to life, added lots of features that you’ve been requesting, made it even easier for you to reward your kids, and now ChoreMonster is 100%, completely, absolutely free!

ChoreMonster 2.0 is available now on our website, iPhone and now iPad. We’re also excited that we’ll be adding support for Windows 8, Android smartphones and tablets, and Kindle Fire in early May.

The Monster Carnival is now available for everyone – no more subscriptions required! Every kid can earn a ticket after they complete a chore, then spin the carnival wheel and win a monster!

All of the collected monsters are animated. Just touch them and watch what fun things they do.

We’ve added tons of new features that you, the parents, have been requesting to make ChoreMonster even better for you and your family. Here are just a few of the features we’ve added:

  • more chore scheduling options (school days, weekends, it’s up to you)
  • unscheduled chores (chores for anytime, no specific schedule needed)
  • auto-approve chores (no need for you to always check to see if your kid did the chore)
  • point boosts (give your kids points for things done outside of ChoreMonster)

Now you can brag about your kid’s accomplishments in ChoreMonster. Tap on the Brag Bar in the app or on There you’ll find a list of their successes. Simply click the success you wish to share, then choose if you wish to share it on Twitter or Facebook and hit BRAG. Now all your friends will know how great your kids are!

We’ve made rewarding your kids even better. Now you can add rewards directly from Choose from bazillions of toys, books, video games, movies, dinnerware, book on quantum physics and more. The rewards will delivered quickly to your kids after they’ve earned them.

We’ve designed ChoreMonster 2.0 to get your kids even more excited about doing their chores. We hope you enjoy using it as much as we’ve enjoyed making it! Download it from the App Store now, or sign up and get started on


33 thoughts on “Announcing ChoreMonster 2.0: More Devices, More Languages, More Features, More Chores!”

  1. This is really great news — although I too am concerned for ChoreMonster. I hope you can be profitable so that I can continue to use it! That said, were is the ability to have more than one parent role. With a son and triplet daughters, I have zero chance of going at this alone! It’s still pretty common to have two parents, who each individually have chores to dole out. No?

  2. Can’t wait for the kindly version so that the kids have it own their own tablets and no longer have to borrow my phone/iPad!

  3. I’m not really worried about being reimbursed for my six month membership. As long as I can get Chore Monster on kids’ Kindle Fires, I’ll feel like it’s well worth it. (Although I wouldn’t turn down an exclusive monster or two ^_~)

  4. Is it possible to set up an easy password or no password for my kids so they don’t have to log out and in every time they use the app?

  5. I will guess that the site is monetized (at least in one way) by commissions. Which I think is just great! What a great idea! Everyone wins!

    Keep up the great work! Excited to see the apps for other platforms in May!

  6. So does that mean every carnival spin equals a monster or just a “chance” at getting a monster (like before)? My kids quit using Chore Monster before because one got a monster almost every time and the other never got one. The motivation was lost in disappointment.

  7. Wonderful, a free product… now if you’d only make it available on the most common operating system in the world, Android, maybe we’d think about using it again.

  8. None of our monsters are animated. When is that suppose to start? We stopped using chore monster for several reasons, and so far it’s all still the same, despite what this blog post says.

  9. I love choremonster, I’ve used it quite successfully for 18 months – 2 years by now. I am a raving fan. I also am an angel investor across the river. I have an idea for you. the pushback I get from some people is it just ‘seems so hard’ or ‘my kids would never do that’ I was thinking if you would pre establish some ‘training templates’ based on a child’s age there are tons of info you could pull from on the web about what a child should be doing say at age 4,5,6,7,8 etc. So for example you might have a 4year old template that a parent just clicks 1 button and its loaded for them: so the 4 year old template might only have 2 chores! Pick up their room & Water plants (its fun and easy) and then they would be pre loaded with points for those chores, and there would be 1 reward maybe: say a bag of candy

    now a parent could always ‘opt out’ and go back or begin to customize on their own, but I always tell parents don’t try to get it as complex and customzied as mine is, grow into it. its about creating habits in your children. So anyways if you did that for every age, it would also be cool if as a parent I never had to change it, so if I picked the ‘aged based model’ (just like in investments these days) it would automatically roll up with my child

    you also could do it 2 ways: 1 based on behaviror health standards, and the 2nd based on ‘most common’ chores and rewards of your users.

    anyways those are my thoughts, good luck


  10. I have two kids and chores that both of them must complete in tandem (clean the bathroom, get stuff out of the living room). The chore is not complete until they both think they are done (and it is verified). It would be need to have chores that require each person to verify they have done their part before I get notified.

  11. I am wondering I downloaded this app an cannot approve the chore the only option it gives me is edit delete or cancel. Help my kids are getting a lil agrivated that they doing there chores am getting no reward. An I DO NOT want to discourage them at all. Then they will want nothing to do with this.

  12. Hi Mandy,

    Note that before you can approve a chore as a parent, your child must first log in to the Kids area of ChoreMonster’s mobile or web app ( ) using the username and password that you have set up for them. There they will see the list of chores to be done today, and they can mark them completed.

    After your child has marked a chore complete in the kids area, then you will see that chore appear in the parent area above their chore list for you to approve.

  13. Been watching and waiting patiently for the announcement of 2.0 and an Android version…TY TY TY TY TY ! I am really looking forward to the connectivity with Amazon. If the CMT…Chore Monster Team…could earn percentages/commissions on the sales I am sure that would be a big success! If so, then I could go through Amazon and reward my children with $ for in-app purchases, new games, movies, the sky is the limit!

    CONGRATS ON SUCH AN AMAZING ACCOMPLISHMENT! ChoreMonster goes beyond an application – you are helping Families connect, collaborate, and complete (stuff) in a new and cutting edge way, you should all be very proud!

    Many Thanks,
    Denver, CO

  14. Hey Kyle. Thanks for being patient with us on this, we are hard at work putting the finishing touches on the Android version, so expect good news soon. Thanks again.

  15. Hey Kyle,

    Our monsters are working hard to have ChoreMonster for Android & Kindle Fire to you by the end of June. We’re sorry for the delay.

  16. Maybe this has already been answered…I was able to get the chore monster app on my kindle…but can’t find it when searching from the kids’ kindle fires. 🙁 Any idea why this is? We are ready to get to using the app again now that we are moved to the new duty station!

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