FamilyTech is a suite of mobile apps designed to bring sanity to family. Originally founded as ChoreMonster in 2011 by Chris Bergman, the ChoreMonster web and mobile app grew into something much more and the brand evolved into FamilyTech. ChoreMonster still makes chores fun for kids and turns parents into superheroes, but it is now accompanied by the parent-app Mothershp, and the Landra app designed specifically for teens. FamilyTech introduced a fourth app, HoneyDo, in 2017 especially for couples to move past the pain points of everyday household tasks.


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FamilyTech Launches HoneyDo, an App to Create Harmony With Your Significant Other

February 14, 2017 08:30 AM Eastern Daylight Time FamilyTech, a Cincinnati-based tech company, is launching a brand new addition to its suite of apps aiming to bring sanity to family. Just in time for Valentine’s Day, the makers of ChoreMonster, Landra and Mothershp are introducing an app that brings joy to couples. HoneyDo promotes harmony in relationships by making tedious to-do lists more efficient and fun. Using the same collaborative platform loved by millions of ChoreMonster, Landra and Mothershp users, this new app enables couples to create a list of household tasks, with point values and due dates. Partners can assign those tasks to each other or themselves, or put them “up for grabs” for either person to complete. Similar to FamilyTech’s other apps, there is a robust recommendation engine to offer couples exclusive reward options just for them. Or, they can choose custom rewards based on what is important to the relationship. Whether those rewards center around Me Time, Us Time or Fun Time, HoneyDo’s rewards are focused on the things couples really want. HoneyDo makes relationships better – think less tedium, more fun – by getting tasks done, driving more communication in the relationship and opening doors for fun rewards. “We wanted to take the idea of daily tasks and move them outside the box of humdrum responsibilities. HoneyDo gamifies household task lists for people in a relationship. It becomes an opportunity for couples to work and play together and create harmony in everyday life,” says Chris Bergman, Founder and CEO of FamilyTech. Sierra Dale, who has been testing the app, says, “My husband and I have been able to get things done around the house without those small tension points that were always there before. When he adds date night ideas, I know he’s thinking about us and is happy to get chores done to make that happen. HoneyDo has been a lot of fun. It brings out our competitive spirit a bit too!” HoneyDo will be live on February 14, 2017, just in time for Valentine’s Day! Couples can download the app through the App Store, on Google Play and in the Kindle Fire App Store. Or, they can visit www.familytech.com to download and learn more about how the app works and how FamilyTech can bring sanity to their family. FamilyTech Bringing Sanity To Family :: FamilyTech has the enormous goal of making the home a joyful place. Our apps utilize technology to bring families closer together. FamilyTech is the platform that brings sanity to families and powers ChoreMonster, Landra, Mothershp and HoneyDo. Press assets available at familytech.com/press. Contacts FamilyTech Erin Macdonald erin@familytech.com 

ChoreMonster Launches New Apps for Teens and Parents, Grows into FamilyTech

August 22, 2016 08:30 AM Eastern Daylight Time ChoreMonster, the beloved app powered by over 2.4 million users, is growing up to stay connected with families as they grow. The Cincinnati-based startup is launching two brand new apps – Landra, for teens, and Mothershp, for parents – and housing everything under the name FamilyTech. FamilyTech’s goal? To bring sanity to families with a technology platform that engages the entire family to get things done at home. ChoreMonster has helped children everywhere complete over 20 million chores and counting. As children become teens, they age out of ChoreMonster and require a new kind of engagement. Landra makes it easy for families to interact and accomplish goals, allowing teens to exchange information for independence. Parents assign chores to be completed based on due date, frequency and interest to the teen. Upon completion, teens receive points towards rewards determined by the family. Rewards can be freedom to hang out with friends on Friday or Tuesday family pizza night. “For the past four years we’ve learned how to motivate behavior and family interaction, turning homes into joyful places. With Landra, we continue to use our learning to help parents connect on a closer level with their teenager,” said Chris Bergman, founder and CEO of FamilyTech. The FamilyTech platform is also home to the new Mothershp app, where parents manage tasks for kids of all ages. Whether it’s their 8-year-old on ChoreMonster, or their 14-year-old on Landra, Mothershp allows parents to take command of the home, and make sure beds get made, trash gets emptied, homework gets done. The original ChoreMonster continues in the form of an app strictly for kids ages 4-12. It’s the place where they can complete their chores and earn points to be redeemed for rewards. Kids can earn points to get tickets to the monster carnival, to watch Monster Shorts and collect over 100 cool animated monsters. Or, kids can use points to claim rewards decided upon by the family, like screen time or a day at the amusement park. FamilyTech and its new suite of apps will be live on August 22, 2016. The first step for parents is to download Mothershp, and then ChoreMonster for younger children and/or Landra for teens. The apps are available in the App Store, on Google Play and in the Kindle Fire App Store. Visit www.familytech.co to download, and to learn more about how the apps work and how FamilyTech can start bringing sanity to your family. FamilyTech Bringing Sanity To Families :: FamilyTech has the enormous goal of making the home a joyful place. Our apps utilize technology to bring families closer together. FamilyTech is the platform that brings sanity to families and powers ChoreMonster, Landra and Mothershp. Press assets available at familytech.co/press. Contacts FamilyTech Erin Macdonald erin@familytech.com

Where are the Hardest-Working Kids in America? ChoreMonster Reveals the Naughtiest & Nicest Cities

Top cities for chores completion are in on the West Coast; top slacker cities are in the south Monday is the best day for kids to do chores; Friday fails Screen time – not allowance or toys – tops parents’ payouts Cincinnati, OH — December 9, 2014 — As the holidays approach, kids are working extra hard to earn favor from their parents. ChoreMonster, an app that makes chores fun for parents and kids, analyzed more than seven million of its completed tasks to identify which cities in America have the hardest-working kids – and where the idle hands are. “If completing chores is any indication of naughtiness or niceness, it’s clear to see which cities have the best kids,” said Chris Bergman, founder and CEO of ChoreMonster. “There’s a lot of room for improvement in the cities at the bottom of the list, and kids and parents should take note.” The data shows that kids in the following cities complete the most chores: Los Angeles, CA Salt Lake City UT Seattle-Tacoma WA San Francisco-Oakland-San Jose, CA Atlanta GA Kansas City MO Dallas-Ft Worth TX Philadelphia PA Portland OR Washington DC And the worst cities for chore completion are as follows: Mobile AL-Pensacola (Ft. Walton Beach) FL Memphis TN Sioux Falls(Mitchell) SD Chico-Redding CA Knoxville TN St. Joseph MO Columbia SC Hattiesburg-Laurel MS Quincy IL-Hannibal MO-Keokuk IA Burlington VT-Plattsburgh NY The data also shows that although a majority of children still help out at home (77 percent complete more than one chore weekly), only 2.5 percent complete a chore every single day. Monday is the most productive day, but Friday? Don’t even think about asking kids to be taskmasters on Friday, as it’s the worst day for productivity. “As a parent myself, I like to encourage my kids to pitch in on a regular basis,” Bergman said. “I also like to reward them for their work, and our data shows that toys or allowances aren’t the most-requested incentives. What we’ve seen across our network of parents and children is that what children want most is more time with their devices.” Here are the top five rewards parents offer their children: 50% – screen time (i.e. “an hour of video games”) 14% – allowance 11% – snacks (i.e. “extra dessert”, “a trip to the ice cream shop”) 6% – toys 3% – family outings The report also ranks America’s top chores as assigned by parents: Brush your teeth Make your bed Feed the pets Put laundry in hamper Clean your room Pick up clothes Clear the table Take laundry to the laundry room Empty the dishwasher Fold and put away laundry With children devoting so much time to technology, ChoreMonster gives parents new ways to connect with their children. You can learn more about the state of chores here. About ChoreMonster ChoreMonster is a suite of web and mobile apps that aims to make chores fun for parents and kids. Kids can earn points by completing chores that they can turn in for real life rewards like ice cream, an hour of Xbox, or even a canoe trip. Parents can enjoy a simple, hassle-free, digital system that takes the tension out of family chores.



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About Us

xzdSO-plChris Bergman is the founder and CEO of FamilyTech. As a father, Chris’s goal is to connect and inspire families through technology. His experience has taken him through the Disney Accelerator program, The Brandery and much more. What began as ChoreMonster back in 2011, grew into millions of users and the new FamilyTech suite of apps. Chris continues working towards creating a fun, engaging and motivating platform for families.

Resources for Healthcare Professionals

Supporting Development of Executive Function Skills

Sure, ChoreMonster makes chores fun for parents and kids, but as a healthcare professional, you know that something much more important is going on when children learn to organize themselves and complete tasks. ChoreMonster is an effective tool to support children in developing executive function skills.

In addition to helping all children develop executive function skills, ChoreMonster provides a fun and beneficial addition to a behavior therapy program for children with attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and other executive function weaknesses. It supports the recent research and guidelines from the American Academy of Pediatrics and the American Psychological Association pointing to the long-term benefits of behavior therapy in treating children diagnosed with ADHD.

Talking to Parents About ChoreMonster

What is ChoreMonster? ChoreMonster is an app for the iPhone and iPad that is designed to make it easy and fun for children to complete chores. Kids can earn points by completing chores that they can turn in for real life rewards like ice cream, a camping trip, or an hour of Xbox — the parents set the rewards. What are the benefits of ChoreMonster? ChoreMonster supports the development of executive function skills in children. As children plan, organize and complete chores they are developing their working memory, self control, and mental flexibility. Research shows that participating in household chores teaches children a sense of responsibility, competence, self-reliance, and self-worth. In a recent study, Marty Rossman, emeritus associate professor of family education at the University of Minnesota, determined that the best predictor of young adults’ success in their mid-20s was that they participated in household tasks when they were three or four. ChoreMonster is entertaining for kids and simple to use for parents. It uses today’s technology — something children are very comfortable with and see as fun. How much does it cost? ChoreMonster is free to use and lets parents create chores with point values and rewards while allowing kids to complete the chores to gain the rewards. Membership also gives the child access to the Monster Carnival, which provides another level of fun and motivation.




Executive Function Skills

Following multi-step chores without reminders — pick up your cars and put them in the toy bin Remembering deadlines for doing chores and organizing tasks


Focused and sustained attention with a chore until completion (even if bored) Selective attention to avoid distractions that would take child away from chore completion


Finding new ways to accomplish chores Overcoming obstacles to chore completion — arriving at a new strategy (negotiating with parent to do a morning chore)



“As a pediatric neuropsychologist, I work with children and their families on a daily basis. A consistent finding observed in many of my clients is a weakness in executive functioning, limiting a child’s ability to organize their environment, start tasks, or plan appropriately to complete future goals. I have found that ChoreMonster provides an entertaining and motivating experience which helps to structure a child’s environment resulting in improved task completion. My parents love ChoreMonster as well because they no longer have to chase after their kids to get their work done.”

Oren Boxer, Ph.D.Clinical Neuropsychologist
UCLA Clinical Faculty
Semel Institute for Neuroscience and Human Behavior
David Geffen School of Medicine