5 Tips to Help Get Your Kids Organized


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A big thank you to ChoreMonster intern Amanda for this great post, enjoy!

Is it hard to spot the floor in your son’s room? Does your daughter routinely forget to complete some of her homework assignments? Winter break is an excellent time to reflect on your kids’ organizational skills and revamp them so they can start the New Year on a strong note!

Here are five tips to help your kids get organized and ready to go in 2014:

1. Designate a time and place for studying.
Help your child decide on a “study hour” each day. Choose a regular study spot that is quiet and free from distractions so that your child can focus. The child’s set aside study hour can also serve as a great time for reviewing lessons from school, completing brain exercises, and reading for pleasure.

2. Help your kids pick out a planner or notebook.
Getting your kids a portable academic planner or note pad that they like will encourage them to strategize their time and keep track of their commitments. Encourage your child to write “to-do” lists, track homework assignments, and note reminders. Your kid will gain a sense of accomplishment from crossing off completed items!

3. Assign regular chores.
Giving children regular household tasks teaches them personal responsibility, competence, self-reliance, and self-worth. All these valuable skills assist kids in keeping themselves organized and in adjusting to regular routines. Your kids don’t have to dread helping out around the house. Our very own ChoreMonster app is a great way to get kids excited about chores!

4. Keep a family calendar.
Track your family’s activities and assignments on a large, central calendar. Your child will find it’s a simple and easy reference when making plans. A family calendar is not only a great resource for your kids, but also a great way to help you stay organized too! Updating the calendar as a family each week also makes for a great bonding activity.

5. Get ready the night before.
Before your kids go to bed, remind them to pack their backpacks and pick out clothes to wear the next day. Also, encourage your kids to review their “to do” lists in order to prevent any morning mishaps. With your kids ready to go in the morning, getting them out the door will be easy and orderly!


1 thought on “5 Tips to Help Get Your Kids Organized”

  1. Love your idea of keeping a family calendar. We do the other 4 things on this list, but I think adding a family calendar would help kids understand what is happening in the days ahead.

    I’d like to add that Repetition is crucial to maintaining a calm house too. All of the things on this list will be hard the first few weeks they are introduced. Kids will want to play during homework time. They will also continue to throw their loose papers into their bookbag. It isn’t until the 30th time of the routine does it stick for your youngster.

    Great post. Thanks for sharing!

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