5 Outdoor Chore Ideas For March

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It’s that time again, time for another short list of new chores you can add to your little one’s list to keep them helping around the house. Of course, don’t forget to balance it with rewards, because we all know that is way more motivating anyway. For this list, it’s all about Spring cleaning as the temperatures start to tick upwards. And don’t forget to keep it age appropriate.

Clean up, put away winter toys / clothing: Chances are, the snow shovel, the snowboards and sleds, and even the snow boots are still sitting in the garage or inside somewhere waiting to be cleaned up and stashed away until next winter. A great chore for kid’s of most ages.

Clean Patio / Deck: The back patio or deck has been ignored all winter, and while we can probably keep the power washing or fresh coat of stain to Mom or Dad, the kids can help out there too. Maybe they just need to pick up the junk that has collected or sweep out the old leaves and garbage. No matter what, there is usually plenty to do in this space after the cold months.

Get Flower Beds / Raised Beds Ready For Spring: You might keep a garden, and if you do, you know it’s about time to begin to get it ready for new life. Either way, your kids can be a great help in the garden and this is a no-brainer to add to ChoreMonster.

Wash The Car: Trying to remember to take your car to get washed? It still has a little bit of winter left on it maybe, salt and grime. As the temperatures inch upward, have the kids go out and give it a wash.

Garage Cleaning: There isn’t a garage that doesn’t need to be cleaned after winter, is there? If you’ve got one, like I do, you know this is true. One or several kids may need to be recruited for the task, but when it’s all done, you’ll be glad you took the time.

For more Spring Cleaning ideas, but on the inside of your home, read this post about getting rid of stuff you don’t need.


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