5 Great School Lunch Ideas

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It’s officially Back To School season for most households and one of the things that comes along with it for most parents is the chore of packing a school lunch for your kids. You might have picky kids who refuse to eat a long list of items, you might have kids who seem to eat so much that you can’t put enough food in their lunchbox or you might have kids who bring home half of the lunch you packed them every day.

Or you might have one of each, or another type of kid entirely.

The point is, pleasing your kids at lunchtime isn’t easy but it’s got to be better than letting them buy what the school is slinging out every day, right?

Here are five great school lunch ideas we found on the web that might help make things a little easier for you the next time you are putting your childs lunch together at some ungodly hour in the morning.

1) Create Your Own Pizzas: Who doesn’t love pizza? There is a pretty good chance your kids love it, and are willing to eat it hot, cold, fresh or leftover. But it’s not always available in the fridge so why not make your own? Head over to SmartSchoolHouse.com for this idea and others.

2) Sandwich Kabobs: A sandwich is probably the most common food item your kids are greeted with when they open up their lunchbox, so why not jazz it up a bit and make a sandwich kabob instead? Simple As That Blog had the idea, and you can find it and other good options on their blog.

3) Cheese quesadilla pinwheels: Another ‘kabob-like’ lunch item that sounds good and is simple enough for you to make and should satisfy even picky kids. Check out the cheese quesadilla pinwheels and other great stuff over at Evolving Motherhood.

4) Turkey-Bacon Tortilla Roll-Ups: Um, maybe just make this for yourself, or at least an extra one for yourself because these sound delicious, school lunch or otherwise. Get the details on this and other school lunch stuff from J@Monkey.

5) P+B+J Roll-ups: Here’s another fresh take on a classic that looks tasty as well. P+B+J Roll-ups can be made with the classic ingredients, or really whatever you want to put in them. Get the details over at Fabulously Frugal.

You can find these and other school lunch ideas on our Pinterest board.


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