4 Ways Technology Will Affect Your Family In 2017

It’s not surprising that technology has worked its way into all aspects of life. It’s time to jump on the technology train, if it hasn’t been done already. There’s so much fun to be had. So much learning to be done. It will even make life just a little bit easier. There’s nothing that can’t be accomplished and all the things our imaginations can come up with can soon be a reality.

This year saw a surge in gadgets and the holiday season is no exception to the outpouring of technical toys. But, it isn’t just toys that technology has a hold on. Next year, we’ll see even more advances in technology and its ability to influence our lives.

Interaction Becomes Virtual

There might be a lot of new toys coming out that use virtual reality (VR) – Mattel’s View-Master Virtual Reality Start Pack is a great one – but it won’t be until next year that the games catch up with the technology. Early adopters are loving the latest in VR, but the general public won’t catch on just yet. There are only about 43 million active users worldwide.

Current games are reworked versions of old favorites, launch titles, and it won’t be until the technology is adopted and tested further that we will see the full potential of virtual reality. It will be no surprise that by the holidays next year, VR will have a stronger hold on the market. Teenagers might be affected most by the newest game releases, as they’re still looking to inspire their inner child. Or, the next family vacation will be booked through a VR grasp on the imagination of travelers. Early tests on excursions in New York saw visitors increase by 190 percent.

Your Home Will Be Smarter Than You

It seems like smart thermostats sense what families are feeling. In reality, it’s based on trends. So, every time temperature is adjusted, it remembers. It isn’t advanced technology and the latest in smart home technology will be present in even more homes come next year.

Things like Amazon’s Echo will be able to turn on and off lights at the request of homeowners, appliances will adjust as needed, outlet plugs will be accessed through apps on a smartphone, refrigerators will take snapshots of what’s left inside so Mom never buys duplicates at the grocery, and the cloud will dominate the home office. While there were a lot of introductions in 2016, expect these items to be more mainstream in 2017.

Watch What You Want, When You Want It

Instant gratification isn’t just something plaguing the youngest generations. With things like Watch Disney Junior, kids everywhere expect to see their favorite shows, over and over again, whenever they want. But, so do parents. Hulu and Netflix are built on this. It’s estimated that 4 in 10 US households own a streaming device. Chromecast, FireTv, Apple TV, and Roku are the big players in the industry.

Expect to see on-demand TV in millions more homes by this time next year. Currently, about 211 million households have this capability; by the end of 2017, this number could hit 231 million. That’s huge! These figures are part of the reason Disney made their recent deal with Netflix to bring their movies, and more, directly into the households of so many.

Apparel That Does It For You

Great Scott! Parents might remember the self lacing shoes from Back to the Future, but now everyone just might get a taste of the future. The latest in shoe technology introduces the HyperAdapt by Nike. It’s a self-lacing sneaker that charges through a clip-on charger and uses an algorithmic pressure equation to get the best fit. While it might sound like something out of the Twilight Zone, these shoes that were imagined back in 1989, are finally out on the market.

It wouldn’t be surprising to see more smart clothing technology introduced in 2017. From yoga mats that correct alignment, to something as simple as moisture wicking technology, clothes are being designed to adapt to bodies and give insight into every move.



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