10 of the Best Podcasts For Kids

Podcasts are becoming the next big thing for children and their families. Whether you’re planning your next road trip, or are looking for a new way to entertain your family, look no further. These podcasts are the latest technology sensations that are here to stay. So, get comfortable, plug in your headphones, and get ready to be entertained.

Story Pirates

This hilarious podcast covers everything from missing ships and how to annoy your sister to dreaming sheep and unicorns. The story pirates aren’t actually pirates at all, but adults who interpret and act out stories written by kids. You can listen and watch this podcast for pure entertainment before bed or after school. The whole family can enjoy the Story Pirates podcast, so get comfortable and get ready to laugh!

Brains On

Produced by American Public Media, this science-based podcast is great for curious kids and parents alike. Inspired by curious questions about how things work or why things are the way they are, Brains On starts with a question and searches for an answer. Brains On is co-hosted by kids and makes science something you can experience right from your headphones.

Stuff You Should Know

Brought to you by the same creators of How Stuff Works, Stuff You Should Know covers tons of topics from the brain and medicine to history and art. Great for all kids, this podcast might be especially interesting for inquisitive tweens and teens. Although some topics can be complicated and multi-faceted, this award-winning podcasts keeps things simple and easy to follow.

The Radio Adventures of Dr. Floyd

Follow Dr. Floyd as he schemes and plots against his enemy, the evil Dr. Steve. Listen as the “world’s most brilliant scientist” makes his plans for victory while teaching his listeners about the world’s history, its people, and major life-changing events. Perfect for the whole family, The Radio Adventures of Dr. Floyd has been “on the air” since 2004.

Story Time

Perfect for bedtime preparation or long car rides, Story Time features different characters and themes in this audiobook inspired podcast. This 20-minute podcast was designed for toddlers and preschoolers in mind but keeps older children entertained too. Tune in for sleepy time stories following Buffy Bunny and Billy the Bathtub.

Saturday Morning Cereal Bowl

This podcast, published weekly, is a two-hour program made for music lovers. This goofy, laughter-provoking program will have children and their parents singing along in no time. Get ready to find your new favorite song; maybe it will be a smash hit by The Boogers!

Classics for Kids

Brought to you by the widely popular and award-winning National Public Radio, Classics for Kids introduces children to music by famous classical artists and composers. Classics for Kids keeps classical music complex but makes it fun in an endearing and entertaining way. Learn about Georges Bizet, Franz Schubert, and William Grant Still while listening to prodigious music along the way.


This program will become your science lover’s next favorite podcast. Shambam! brings real science theories to life through fictional stories. Hear the bam, pop, and sizzle of science through made up stories that have real impact! Is game night getting boring? Turn on Shabam! to mix things up at your next family night.

Peace Out

Add this to your family’s bedtime routine and be asleep in no time. Peace Out helps children learn different ways of de-stressing and relaxing. This family-friendly podcast explores different themes like fear, anxiety, and calmness. This podcast is great for parents who want to teach their children about mindfulness in a simple but effective way.

Dream Big

This podcast teaches kids that anything is possible. Inspiring for all ages co-hosts Eva (age 7) and her mom, Olga explore different passions and interests through interviews with popular actresses, activists, and Olympians- just to name a few. Dream Big also offers post-podcast discussion sheets that parents can use with their kids.

Whether you’re into music, science, or just plain old fun, there’s a podcast for everyone!

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