Tech Products

Everything You Need To Prepare For Black Friday

Black Friday is this week! And if you’ve been waiting to shop for the best deals on the web, it’s time to get your game plan set. We scoured the internet and came up with some great links and articles to help you fully prepare for all the bargains and special sales. Tech The Verge […]

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Don’t Go Tech Free This Thanksgiving

This week, families come together to give thanks, spread cheer, and likely, spend time with those they don’t see quite as often as they should. The reality around Thanksgiving is that it can be awkward, especially when old Aunt Mildred spends hours doting over the kids she’s been incessantly following through Facebook. Instead of sitting […]

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Movies & TV

6 Films To See In Theaters This Fall

It’s getting colder outside and darker earlier. Usually, that means planning a trip to the theater for a movie is a fun way to spend an evening. We normally recommend family films that are coming to Netflix or other streaming services, but today wanted to point out some films that are playing at your local […]

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HoneyDo, Technology

Plan The Ultimate Date Night

It’s all set. You’ve got a date night picked out and a sitter for the kids. Everything is ready except how to spend this precious romantic time. Date nights don’t come around very often, so you want each one to be perfect. Luckily, there are some gadgets and apps to help you plan and enjoy […]

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Don’t Let Your Kids Grow Up To Be Trolls

The first thing that comes to mind when you hear the term troll is probably the popular toy of the nineties, fully equipped with colorful hair and a star in place of a belly button. Unfortunately, an internet troll isn’t quite so cute. Internet trolls have more in common with the unfriendly creatures of Scandinavian […]

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Learning, Parenting

5 Tips for Partnering With Your Child’s Teacher

Like parenting, educating children is an evolving practice. Children are constantly learning, whether it’s at home or in school, from books or behaviors. Teachers and parents each have their own practices and techniques, so, when it comes to teaching our children, how do we know what’s best? According to a survey published by the National […]

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Kids + Food, Parenting

What To Do With Leftover Halloween Candy

Photo credit: jeff_golden / / CC BY-SA Halloween is over, and your kids have dipped into their stash as often as possible, it won’t be long until it’s an afterthought. I don’t mean to say that your kids are tired of candy, but if you regulate it a bit, you’ll realize that it’s often […]

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